IVA Guidance for people in debt


What is an IVA?
Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a formal method of dealing with unmanageable unsecured debt in UK. It is a debt solutions meant for helping people out of severe financial problems.
An IVA is a formal and legally-binding agreement with creditors to pay off debt over a period of time. It allows debtors a breathing space in which to recover manage over their finances, and get effective insolvency solution for eligible individuals.
According to law an insolvency practitioner (IP) must administer the process which involves negotiating with creditors, making a formal proposal for repayment, and distributing monies between the creditors as arranged.
Individual Voluntary Arrangement offers you a possible option to bankruptcy if you are in serious debt, must have a regular income with which to make the compulsory monthly repayments. The arrangement can include unsecured debt like payday loans, credit card arrears, overdrafts, personal loans, and catalogue debts.
The fees for an IVA should be pay into the monthly repayment, and are deducted by the IP administering the process.

How to register?
The IVA register is a public record of anyone who has entered into such an agreement, and is run by the bankruptcy Service. As well as listing all current Individual Voluntary Arrangements in England and Wales, it contains in-depth information of debt relief orders, bankruptcy orders, and fast-track voluntary arrangements.
The fact that the register is open to the public can be an issue if your job is at risk due to your financial condition. In some sectors employers either financial or legal do not allow their employees to continue if a formal insolvency process is entered into.
The register can be verified online and at local Official Receiver offices in all over the country. They will contain details of the Individual Voluntary Arrangement and detail verification like your name, address, date of birth, and occupation. The register entry will be detached within three months after the IVA has ended.

How to Apply:-
When considering it, one needs to get impartial professional advice from licensed insolvency practitioners. Real Business Rescue has a committed personal insolvency team who can set up your suitability for an IVA, and advice on how it will impact your life in the future.We will look at your overall financial position; prepare a proposal to creditors to repay a proportion of your debts over the IVA term, with any outstanding amounts being written off.
Creditors vote on whether to accept the IVA, and if they will accept the IVA, whole interest and charges on the debt cease.
IVA fees are settled with you earlier to signing, and taken from the negotiated monthly repayment. If you will have any query or information about Individual Voluntary Arrangements, like either you are eligible or not one of our licensed insolvency practitioner owners at Real Business Rescue can help.We suggest a free same-day meeting in complete confidence, and can provide the guidance of you need when facing severe debt.

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